Monday, March 3, 2014

Job in depth study 19

Dear Readers,

Today we will be talking about Job 39:19-25. What I like here is that God lead up to it by talking about how the ostrich hates the horse and it's rider.

19 Hast thou given the horse strength? hast thou clothed his neck with thunder?

I love this. God gives the horse it's strength. Through nourishment, training by experience. Then clothing it's neck with thunder. I like thinking of the old war horses, that would be clothed with armor, like the armor of God. Also, the stampede of hooves beating the earth as they run can sound like thunder. Fast like lightning. Kind of like that football movie, Windrunner. Where the Native American gentleman rides the horse off a cliff and they disappear in a lightning strike. So random and yet so cool.

20 Canst thou make him afraid as a grasshopper? the glory of his nostrils is terrible.

Good old memories. I remember going blow gun hunting with my father. Shooting those darts, mostly at targets, but occasionally lizards, birds, and you guessed it, grasshoppers. They really are skittish, flying around, trying to escape, running into things in their panic. Mostly opposite of A Bugs Life.

Some horses, especially if they are not trained, are equally skittish and afraid. But when they are trained, they are loyal, excellent beasts. Indeed, a few weeks ago Elder Yeske and I were exploring some ruins on a ranch. Suddenly a bunch of horses charged at Elder Yeske. I got pictures. Indeed their "pant" can be ferocious and yet kind. Indeed gloryfull.

 21 He paweth in the valley, and rejoiceth in his strength: he goeth on to meet the armed men.

Horses pawing the ground. Rejoicing in his strength, the strength he has received from God, and he goes forth into the battle.

22 He mocketh at fear, and is not affrighted; neither turneth he back from the sword.

23 The quiver rattleth against him, the glittering spear and the shield.


We are all in a battle. A battle between good an evil. How can we be brave like this horse, without God on our side. How can we stand, when arrows of the adversary fly by, or the shine of the world and temptation blinds us from our true purpose.

24 He swalloweth the ground with fierceness and rage: neither believeth he that it is the sound of the trumpet.

The sound of the trumpet. It reminds me of the second verse of Hymn 60 Battle Hymn of the Republic: "[God] is sounding forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat."

The trumpet of war has sounded, though there may be voices saying the battle is over, that there is no need to fight. Or even, God has lost.  We must not let our guard down, we must not give in, we must trust in God. 

25 He saith among the trumpets, Ha, ha; and he smelleth the battle afar off, the thunder of the captains, and the shouting.

He hears the captains call. He heeds the prophet's voice. This is not a time of peace, but a continue war, until the Great Jehovah shall say, "The work is done."

May we give ear to the Prophet's voice. May we heed our captains and our leaders. May we smell the battle and know it is there. We may not always see it, but if we know it is there, we can continue fighting for what is right.

Elder Smithson

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