Thursday, September 5, 2013

In Depth Study of Job part 2

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Time for part 2 of my Job study. I am not sure how many there will be, but in chapter 38 alone there are 41 verses. I think I will cover verses 4-7 of chapter 38 today. They all seem to be talking about the same thing.

 Where wast thou when I alaid the bfoundations of the cearth? declare, if thou hast understanding.
First of all, God is using the most amazing teaching method ever, asking questions. Questions make the person, in this case Job, have to think and find out answers for themselves. God asks him, Where? To me this implies that there is indeed a place "where" Job, and indeed all of us were, when God laid the foundations of the earth. 
There was a Pre-mortal life. I know it, and we were there in a counsel in heaven. This is why God then adds, "Declare, if thou hast understanding." If we know, truly know, that we were there, not just there, but the answers to any and all of these questions, then we must declare it. That is part of the reason I am a missionary now. 
 Who hath alaid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it?
"Who", implying there was someone, laid or determined the measures of what? The Earth. So in the counsel in heaven, we helped plan the earth, how big it would be and everything. This may seem like I am reading quite a bit into it, but think about it. God said that He laid the foundations of it, so there was foundation, but then He asks, "Who". Obviously this could be God, but "Who" could also refer to several people. All of this referring back, trying to tell Job the answer to the first question, "who" is he. A child of God. 
I will admit, I am still not sure what the "line" is that was stretched upon the earth, so pray and find out for yourself. 
 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the acorner stone thereof;
Foundations and a corner stone. That sounds like a house. Is the earth it self a house for us? Makes sense to me. Again God asks "Who". 
When the morning stars asang together, and all the bsons of God shouted for cjoy?
"When", implying that there was a time. All the sons, or children, of God shouted for Joy! The plans were made, the foundations set, all for what, for us to receive bodies like our Heavenly Father. To be more like him. Is that not something to be joyous about?
Finally, to help simplify this more. God was teaching Job who he was by starting from the beginning of what we missionaries call, lesson two or the Plan of Salvation. Helping him to understand that there was a Pre-existence and that we are literally the children of God. If you have any questions or comments, Please leave them. I would love to talk more about the Plan of Salvation. In the mean time, I will be slowly covering it with this study. 
Elder Smithson

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