Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Depth Job Study Part 9

Dear Readers,

I am going to keep this short today. We were talking about ice and snow, as part of the creation of weather on the second day. We are just covering Job 38:24. This is God tying it together with the creation of light.

 24 By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth?

I don't even pretend to fully comprehend what this means. But what I can gather is it is talking about light. And that light moves the wind upon the earth. There have already been days, so the earth is rotating, night and day. And we know that that rotation causes some global wind currents. That is about all I can speculate about. 

What is most important is simply the teaching system that God displays here. That after you cover one subject, and move onto another, you relate it back to the first. That way solidifying and building upon the foundation that you already created. This is why the missionary lessons are so important. Yes, we are allowed to change the order of the lessons to fit people's needs, but there is an order for a reason. 

For our first lesson, for example, we teach the Restoration. The first principle of which is that God is a loving Heavenly Father. Building upon a same ground that: There is a God, He loves us, we are His children. Also, we can go as in depth as saying that He has a body of flesh and bones. 

Then the next point is the Gospel Blesses Families. That God loves us so much that He sends us to families, to help grow and that we may experience. As a family holds together, it receives strength from God, especially if they are obeying the Gospel and living correct principles. Thus always referring back to God, who is our merciful Father. 

This system continually builds upon itself until finally the person understands the basics of what we "Mormons" believe. This allows them to then learn and build upon that foundation at church or from the scriptures, which both, the leaders and the prophets of ancient times, bear witness of. 

I hope that you enjoyed this simple example.

Elder Smithson

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