Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Job In Depth Study Part 5

Dear Readers,

I shall go through Job 38:14-15 today. Kind of a reminder: In part 4 we talked about the fall of Lucifer. God Asking questions as He teaches, as usual, but here He simply tells. Still, He makes the comparison of light.

14 It is turned as clay to the seal; and they stand as a garment.
First of all, what is "It"? The last question, verse 13 made reference to earth. So maybe Earth becomes a seal or a emblem/symbol of authority. Like a king's seal on a letter. Or it could be a seal as binding together. Sealing those who will come to this earth to receive bodies. 
But, the question in verse 13 also makes a reference to an "it". That is referring to the morning or the dayspring. So, the morning, the beginning of the works, that is a seal binding us together, showing the authority of God upon us from day to day, and possibly, showing the veil or way for us to progress and be together for all eternity. 
"As clay", so not literal, but earth like. Then there is "They". Who is they? Verse 15 here identifies them. Not the wicked. So it must be the righteous. The 2/3 of God's faithful children that would come down and receive a body. "They" are the ones standing together "as a garment". A garment is put on something, so they might have been on the recently formed earth, waiting for their chance to come closer to being like their Father. Or, possibly, symbolically like a garment, being knit together, receiving strength from one another. 
 15 And from the wicked their light is awithholden, and the highbarm shall be broken.
Here it tells that the "wicked" who are separated from the righteous, by that fall, do not receive their light. That same light that they receive from God and Christ. They are left in darkness. 
The next part, "the high arm". usually in the scriptures it talks about how you must trust in God to be your arm, and trust not in the arm of flesh. I get two meanings from this. One, that either the "high arm" is an arm lifting itself high, exalting itself, like what Satan did. Saying that he would become the Most High. (Isaiah 14:12-15 and 2 Nephi 24:12-15) Thus his arm shall be broken. He will have no strength and be cast down. Or, this could indeed be a reference to God's holy arm. As a "broken heart" (scripturally, not romantically) is humility, being filled with love and compassion. Maybe it is God showing love and compassion unto the righteous ones, because they are the "their" that God is talking about. Either way, it is a true statement. 
Still, we must study on to find out if this is indeed part of God's creating the light, or if we are still talking about the pre-creation period of time. Until next time. 
Elder Smithson

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